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Ware Lewe Bediening

is proud to present the

life changing marriage seminar,

Healthy Happy Homes

from (TBA).


* There is also the Afrikaans Gesonde Geseënde Gesinne seminar.






Join us for this investment in your marriage and family, so that you can experience all the blessings that God has planned for it.


Who could benefit from this seminar?


Happily married couples. If you are one of the handful of really happily married people, well done! This is the opportunity to arm yourself with knowledge and practical skills that will allow you to have a blessed marriage into your golden years. A big part of having a happy marriage over decades is just having the right knowledge, and somebody needs to give this to you. We shall also look at some spiritual aspects that have an influence on your marriage. This might be something new for most people.



Marriages going through a ruff spot. We all get stuck in our relationships every now and then. Discover how to get through this tight spot, who's 'fault' it is, howe to make each other happy, etc. Victory is possible!







Marriages that are almost on the rocks. Maybe you are seperated already. Maybe you are still living in the same house, but you are avoiding each other like the plague. Please do not give up yet! We know that God can turn around any marriage and heal every broken heart if we are prepared to do our part and let Him do the seemingly impossible. Are you prepared to give yourself, your spouse and God one more chance? This is your opportunity.




Those who are about to get married and other interested singles Wouldn't it be nice going into your marriage with practical skills and knowledge about what a marriage is, how the sexes are different and how to communicate in a loving and meaningful way? You can set yourself up for a life long, blessed marriage. In only two days you could learn more than most people discover with years of experience. It is always better to learn from someone else's experience. 

Which topics are covered during this seminar?

Saturday from 08:00-16:30.

Get your better half out of bed, enjoy a breakfast together and then meet us in

Witbank (venue to be confirmed). There will be a nice cup of coffee to 

help you through the signing up process. After this we shall start on the exciting journey together. The first session will be about what on earth a marriage is and why it is important. Each session will start with a relevant song or two by Huwelied


After the introductory session we shall start with the practical aspects of a healthy marriage. This will include:


Happy husband, happy home... How to make and keep your husband happy. What are your husband's biggest needs? The role of the husband in the marriage and in the home. Men are unique. They are not supposed to be wives or mothers. There are very good reasons for your man to be a man! Learn how to be the husband that God created you to be.








Happy wife, happy life... How to make and keep your wife happy. What are your wife's greatest needs? The role of the wife in the marriage and in the home. Women show us a very important part of God's image! Husbands and wives are equally important and they should operate in their own uniqueness. We where created complimentary to each other. 





Happy child, no more wild... This session is not for children, but about children. How do you raise your children without murder? How to raise teenagers that you don't want to put on the next ship to China. This will once again be a practical session, but will also give you God's opinion about your privilege to raise children.


This is a mouthful, but luckily we shall not attempt this in one sitting! At around 10:00 we shall take a deep breath, with coffee and snacks on the side. At around 12:00 we shall take a proper lunch break and then at the halfway point to 16:30 we shall fortify our innards with another coffee break.


At the end of the day's sessions all the fortunate couples who booked their mini honeymoon at Casa-Lee Country Lodge will move over there and enjoy their evening while the rest will go back home. The presenters will be available to help people who have questions or who need prayer or other help.


Sunday from 09:00-12:30.

You report back for another super informative day, starting with coffee. Then we shall fall in with:


Communication. How to try and understand the other, incomprehensible sex. At the very least, come and get some ammunition to help you communicate in a 

meaningful and loving way so that you can grow closer together as a couple, in spite of your differences.






Spiritual realities. A practical session in which we'll look at the most common spiritual assults on your marriage. We shall assist you in dealing with the spiritual attackes and to receive freedom from the spiritual bondage that might be keeping your marriage from the fullness God intended for you to enjoy. We believe this part makes our seminar unique. We strive to present a very comprehensive seminar in only two days during which you will be equiped with knowledge and practical skill to 

enjoy a healthy, happy home.


After the seminar the presenters will be available again to help anybody who needs special attention and to answer more questions


Where will all this happen?

Please report to Witbank (venue to be confirmed) on the Saturday morning. It is 1km outside of Bronkhorstspruit, thus close enough for people from Pretoria, Rayton, Cullinan, Witbank, etc.  (See the map).


This is the less expensive option of Healthy Happy Homes as we are trying to make it as affordable as possible for most people. For this reason there won't be any  lunch or accommodation included in this seminar.


Bronkhorstspruit is only a few minutes from the venue, so it is quick and easy to get lunch. Otherwise you are welcome to bring your own food. We will provide drinks and snacks for all the coffee breaks.


If you feel like making something special of this occassion, there are a few award-winning guesthouses in the area where you could take your spouse for  a mini honeymoon. If you would like to do something like that, please contact us so that we could make a few suggestions.


The Healthy Happy Home seminar is R500 per person for the two days. Included in this price is:

  • All presentations.

  • A manuel with all the notes as well as space for your own notes so that you can have a good reference manual for the future. You may attend this English seminar but request an Afrikaans manuel and visa versa.



How to be a part of this memorable, life changing event.

Book your place immediately! There are only a limited number of places available. First come, first served.


Contact Heidi on 072 493 5621 or Corné on 079 272 1152. 

Send an e-mail to


  • You can find our banking details on our website.

  • Make the payment and use HHH and your surname as reference (eg. HHH Webster).

  • Please send the proof of payment to

  • We shall then confirm your booking.

  • We require a 50% deposit.

  • The balance is payable one week before the start of the seminar, thus at the latest Monday 20 July 2016.

  • If you would like to make any other payment arrangements, please contact us in advance. 


For more information, please contact us on any of the above mentioned methods.

  • If you would like to know more about Ware Lewe Bediening who will be presenting the seminar, please visit

  • Huwelied will be providing some entertainment. To find out more about them, please visit


We hope to see as much of you as possible at the seminar. We really have a heart for marriages and families and it is a big focus of Ware Lewe Bediening. The witnessess of people who's lives and marriages have been touched and healed through our ministry makes us humble when we realize that God is using us for such a huge task, but it also keeps the fire in our hearts burning to continue with this work.


Reserve you place today and let us help you to let God bless you with a healthy, happy home. 


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